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Introducing… the Soccer Mother color story !!!

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Inspiring Artist of the week !!

 Artist: Hu Yan

Shanghai Living, a series of 500 photographs, is the product of Hu Yang's documentation of people from all social classes in their homes in Shanghai. Individuals, families, professors, labor workers, the upper class, the unemployed -- all are depicted within the context of their living spaces.”

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Remember when you were a kid? That feeling you got from finding something that you thought you had lost. Like, your favorite sock because honestly most the time you only wore one sock… which made the other foot unbearably sweaty and uncomfortably slippery to the point where then, you could only wear one shoe… That was irritating. I don’t know why you would only wear one sock when they obviously come in pairs. But think of that moment, when you found that matching sock. How’d you feel? You felt happy. Okay… what I’m trying to say is Soccer Mother is that matching sock. We want to make this platform for people who want to be happy. With whatever it is, from art, to music, to buying your favorite sock again. Creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort is what we had in mind when we thought of starting an online shop. It’s more than a shop though… at least that’s what we want it to be.

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